The changing face of the media

Last week I attended the CIPR guest lecture by Brian Beech, Managing Director of Euro RSCG Manchester.  Brian gave a brilliant introduction to what is Public Relations, including some of the factors that are rapidly changing our industry.

After some reflection, here are some things I think are important to be aware of in order to keep up in the PR world, as nobody wants to fall behind now.

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Take this lollipop: Reality check?

New interactive website turns Facebook fears into reality.
Viral video utilizes your Facebook page, giving really scary results

Do we really give too much away on our Facebook pages? Are we too comfortable giving out personal information over the world’s largest social network?

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Why I chose PR at Leeds Met

I’ve been very busy with uni work these last few weeks so apologise for the lack of posting!

I was lucky enough to be featured on the Leeds Met PR blog along with a few of my other fellow students. It’s a nice little read about why the students this year chose the course and why they are interested in PR, please take a look!

Hello Leeds

Even after two weeks living in the city of Leeds, the move doesn’t quite seem real. I saught and received a great deal of advice before coming here yet nothing quite prepared me for the real thing. The uni experience is definitely an opportunity that I’m very glad I didn’t pass up.

In my short time at Leeds Met I can already tell I’m going to love it. Not only is the course interesting, but the course leaders immediately come across as supportive and passionate about their subject – something that struck me from meeting them on the open day. After the first seminar this week I felt put at ease and any initial nerves were gratefully dismissed! I am extremely looking forward to spending the next three years here. It certainly isn’t going to be easy but I can not think of a better place to study – Leeds is fantastic.