December/January roundup

I’ve been a bit M.I.A. from blogging this past month – apologies! I’ve been super busy. I thought I’d do a quick post of what I’ve been up recently

1. Came back down South for the month

Horrah! Reunited with my ever-charming Southerners where It’s DA–RNCE not DANCE. LAU-RGH not laugh. It’s good to be home.

2. Promo work for J.D. sports at Bluewater on behalf of Treacle Events
A friend of a friend runs a company called Treacle Events and I helped them to promote the JD bluewater store over the Christmas period, which was very fun. I did however learn that garish yellow is not my colour.

3. Interning at M&S
This past week I’ve been at M&S HQ in London and it’s been wonderful! (post soon to come – watch this space)

4. Catching up on some much due Uni work
Ahh… back to the routine of writing essays, building my portfolio and revising for my exam in January… Who says students are lazy?

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