Take this lollipop: Reality check?

New interactive website turns Facebook fears into reality.
Viral video utilizes your Facebook page, giving really scary results

Do we really give too much away on our Facebook pages? Are we too comfortable giving out personal information over the world’s largest social network?

I try to keep my Facebook page as private as possible – only adding people I know, keeping my photos private and only allowing my friends to see my activity and status updates. However, I still allow anyone to see what city I live in, what university I attend and my relationship status. Why? Because this is surely harmless information… isn’t it?

Sadly since the rise of Facebook’s popularity, we’ve seen more and more cases of horrific  misuse. Last year, teenager Nona Belomesoff was lured into meeting a man she’d spoken to on Facebook claiming to have a job opportunity, who then murdered her in the woods. On Thursday, Joseph Parent was sentenced to up to seven years for stalking a minor online. We know it happens, so could this viral video where your pictures, friends and location are stalked by a creepy man in a dark room actually be scary reality check for some of us?

Perhaps it’s what we need – a frighteningly clever way to raise awareness. I urge you to take the lollipop and see the results for yourself.


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